Ginger C. Madrid

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Ginger Cecelia  Madrid was born  on the  28th of May 2002 on my living room floor after a  rock bottom depression.  She  started off as nothing more then  the lead character  in my  one  woman play   Sounds of Ginger.  She then  expaned to  a short story  and  a  novel.  Soon,  I was  creating  the music for the play,  under the name of  Ginger  Madrid.

Ginger  C. Madrid 's  music is a rich mixing of  Canadian sounds and  Las Vegas  moments  sewn together with  New York  style.

Her influnces include   Headstones,  Hugh Dillon,, Matt Dusk, Misfits, Adam Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Diana Krall, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Cycle Sluts From Hell, Barstool Prophets, and Jack Kerouac.

Her earily days were spent as the lead singer of the Bloodcookies.  She is semi-retired and living somewhere in Canada

Her  diskology .....

Ginger Madrid 2002

Media Cocaine 2005

So She Drained Me Soundtrack 2007

Mouthful Best of GCM  2007 

Ginger Madrid Music  is a division of  hardcore Vamps Prods.,  copywrite  2002-2007