Temple of the Order of the Silver Circle

The Temple of the Order of the Silver Circle

"ART is the Highest form of Vampirism"
- Rev. Kimberly Ann Hulst

We believe that pop-culture as a whole is the new religion, and all branches of it should be respected. That includes Woodism (the worship of Ed D Wood and his films) Lovecraftian (the belief that H.P. Lovecraft's version of the Necronomicon and his other works holds the key to the Ancient Ones) Morrisonism (the belief that Jim Morrison of the Doors was infact Dionysus reborn and thus represents Dionysusian Spirituality)

We are members of the Renfield Movement 
(it is an acceptance or belief that the Media has made the image of the vampire into a god. This has little to do with the actual spiritual or religious aspects of those who do practice vampirism as a pagan path. This is strictly to do with the media and it's take on things. How it has put this genre into the spotlight for the last century. The Renfield Movement is still something new.)

We believe that there must be a dark and light side to everyone. One must be balanced to be whole and complete. We do believe in spellcasting and hold strong the opinion that "When you do a working for others to help/protect you are doing it for yourself because you want their wellbeing. And no matter how innocent a working/spell/ritual is; in the end there must be a negative to balance the positive." In other words someone will be affected in a negative way weither it be you, someone you consider a foe, or even someone you have never met. We believe that if you can't handle the consequences of your actions then you have no right to be working with Magick. You chose to work with/against Nature when you chose to work with Magick.

We believe the Medium is the Message and that the Messenger is the Media.

We focus on the tools of Dream Interpretation, the Tarots, and Art in all it's forms.

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