Ardeth Blood

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Creeping Screams!

Hello my gremlins!  It's your ghoul next door...

Welcome to my crypt. Sorry if the place is alittle messy, it's Igor's night off. He said he had to go visit his Mummy in the woods or something, honestly I don't know where the temp agency dug him up.  Don't mind the howling coming from the neighbours, they are always like that after dark. 

So you want to know more about me do you?  Let's see...I am the star of So She Drained Me,   Banshee Stew,  Spin Cycle  as well as some old crap...films that the hardcore Vamps Prods., team made a few years back.   I also worked for Beyond Innosense  few years ago on their production team. 

Some of my favourite movies are Trick or Treat, Ginger Snaps 1,2,3, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Demon Knight, Midnight, Sleep Away Camp series, All the Nightmare on Elm Streets,  Addams Family series

I am Canadian 

Favourite colours are black and red

Favourite books are....Rue Morgue Magazine and Gothic Beauty Magazine

Favourite foods are  Jolt cola and Count Chocola cereal

Heroes include  Elvira,  Crypt Keeper,  Alice Cooper,  Rob Zombie,  Midnight, 



You can get me at   or my MSN space 

I also have a Live Journal        and yes I have a Myspace


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