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ScumClotting with a hardcore Vamp

I worked in Television for 3 years, had my poetry published in two local papers (YAP  and THE FUTURE) as well as an underground American mag called  Macabre Manse The Best of Gothica and Beyond.  I have also had 3 paintings in a local art gallery The Painted Turtle Range Gallery. Not only am I the co-founder and owner of hardcore Vamps Prods.,  I am also the actress behind the character Ardeth Blood. To top it all I also create music under the name of Ginger Madrid.

Why Now? Why Here?

It this point in time (spring 2007) I am working with Phat Angel. We are in production for the campy mockumentary So She Drained Me. It's been a long 6 years to get the film to the point were it is now, but for anything to grow it needs time and love. I am also working on Taking Back the Garden which is a musical by Phat Angel.

The Temple of the Order of the Silver Circle

The Temple of the Order of the Silver Circle is my Occult workings. It is a mix of my personal Faith as well as the Research I have been doing for the past 20 years. The Temple is run by Rev. K. Hulst.

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