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What's New

Well, since I am still working on this site,   there will be new pages every so often. 


I will be adding a Zombie Films page  to go hand and hand with my Vampire Page.  So keep checking back on that.  

My Other Sites



For the last few years I've been Domestic and Damned. You can find my new site here 

Or you can catch me at my current blog  Domestic and Damned 




Cool If you head on over to http://hardcorevampsprods.net you will see the latest episode of Setla Reads

If you go over to http://harcorevampsprods.com

you will see the Brand New Video by Ginger Madrid with out-takes from the film So She Drained Me (as of April 29 2007)







CoolNew links in the link area. And I am working on a revamp of this place. I promise, more photos soon!

I am working on a comic page so keep posted.